lørdag den 23. november 2013

AC letter Q as in Quiz

This is my take for The Craft Barn Alpha Challenge
I finished the project on the Convention I'm joining so it's my first try with the blogger app.
Quiz: Which bird has given the name to a poem of Edgar Allan Poe? The Raven.
Reciep: The Raven is a printet and colored with acrylic paint.. The text is some of the linies from the poem. Some old rubons from MM. Others; stamps and TH die.

lørdag den 9. november 2013



I choose Nisse - ( Tomte - Elfs )

I used to sing for my DD before they should sleep and one of the songs was "Den største mand" (The biggest man) about a little Nisse who travelled around the world ... so here's the Nisse - drawn an d painted - and then added some stamps.