fredag den 10. juni 2016

PLUK SELV JORDBÆR, Vejrup, 6740 Bramming

I efteråret plantede vi 4000 jordbærplanter, Polka og Rumba, vi har luget, vandet og strøget halm og NU er vi klar til vores første sæson med

Øster Vejrupvej 15,
Vejrup, 6740 Bramming
Evt henv. 20783675
CVR nr. 11417132

lørdag den 8. februar 2014

Quotes & Lyrics challenge - Silence

I am joining letterLAB - Lori Vliegen so the Craft Barn Blogs new for 2014: 

Quotes & Lyrics challenge, comes very handy now when I would like to practise my handrwriting (all year long in my brand new journalbook).

Danish proverbs - "Talking is silver, silence is gold."
Silence - tavshed
Catching up 

Q&L challenge: SMILE and UP

My first word attempt with Lori Vliegens letters was the cover for my new Peerless watercolers palette to use in my Journal.



torsdag den 2. januar 2014

Alpha Challenge - a few more H and T

Catching up at the Alpha Challenge

Letter H - Hoved
Letter T - Transport 

mandag den 23. december 2013

Alpha Challenge - the last two letters I and X

The Craft Barn Alpha/Dictionary challenge!

The last two letters!!! 

Letter I - insekter (bugs)
Huge Credits to Just My Scrapping World.. Credits whose work has inspired med - maybe a little to much - sorry.

Acrylic paint. Gesso. Stamps; Inkadinkado, Tim Holtz. Stencil. Wasi Tape. Prima PP/cut out.

Letter X - Xantogensyre (xanthic acid)
X was difficult but thought that acid must be in a bottle - to tricky or ... But I had fun drawing and painting the bottles.
Stencil. Dies. Acrylic paint. Stamp: TH.

And my book.

lørdag den 23. november 2013

AC letter Q as in Quiz

This is my take for The Craft Barn Alpha Challenge
I finished the project on the Convention I'm joining so it's my first try with the blogger app.
Quiz: Which bird has given the name to a poem of Edgar Allan Poe? The Raven.
Reciep: The Raven is a printet and colored with acrylic paint.. The text is some of the linies from the poem. Some old rubons from MM. Others; stamps and TH die.

lørdag den 9. november 2013



I choose Nisse - ( Tomte - Elfs )

I used to sing for my DD before they should sleep and one of the songs was "Den største mand" (The biggest man) about a little Nisse who travelled around the world ... so here's the Nisse - drawn an d painted - and then added some stamps.

lørdag den 26. oktober 2013


I join week 21 at The Craft Barn Alpha Dictionary challenge... 
Challenge with a twist this fortnight. 

and there must be a WINDOW on your page/ ATC

I choosed Lotus and made mosaik window around it with the leaves.

Lotus flower: Silhouette download and cut - glued 3 pieces and used as a stencil - added modellierpaste and paintet with acrylic paint.
I really enjoy the little pond we have in our garden with water lilies so I wanted to make a kind of mosaik window of the leaves. I draw the leaves around the lotus flower - cut them out with a knife and painted with acrylic.